Civil Union


Atlantic City Events & Weddings are licensed, non-denominational ministers and as a husband and wife team we provide both
male and female officiants.

Civil Union Officiants

Civil Unions / Same Sex Marriages

Same sex marriages are considered Civil Union Ceremonies in New Jersey. We provide both male and female officiants for the Atlantic City and Atantic County areas. We provide all the same services for same sex couples as traditional couples. We are non-denominational licensed wedding officiants, planners and coordinators and we feel everyone has the right to practice their own beliefs.

In order to obtain a civil union license, both partners must apply to their local city hall in New Jersey or if out of state to the city hall in the town they are to be united. There is a 72 hour waiting period before the license can be obtained from city hall. Partners do not have to stay in town during that waiting period. They may come and apply for their license, return home and then come back to pick up the license before the ceremony. Once obtained, the license is good for 30 days. After the ceremony city hall will mail the actual certificate to wherever requested.

Civil Union FEE

Includes providing the basic ceremony to our clients which they can customize if they like, performing the ceremony and filing the paperwork after the ceremony. Witnesses will be provided if needed for an additional charge.

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